3D Modeling

3D modeling is a helpful tool when designing complex and detailed drawings, also it gives a very good 3D perspective of how the design will look in real life. With our experienced team, we can design piping systems, structure arrangements, hull models and its compartments, engine room or pump room arrangements, accommodation arrangemetns etc.

We use powerful softwares, which work with most of the 3D files provided by manufacturers.


3D Scan

Hauschildt Marine A/S possesses a 3D scanner, making our 3D models much more accurate and efficient uppon onboard inspection. We can scan from a small area of a pumproom, to an entire engine room or other very crowded space.

The 3D laser scanner that Hauschildt Marine A/S works with, is a FARO product, known by its accuracy and reliability. Click here to see more about the product.

The scanner can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on which area is needed to scan.

If you wish to see Hauschildt Marine 3D Scan presentation Click here.