Our team is always looking for the best solutions and we make sure they work, by performing the necessary analysis and calculations.

We provide clear information to our clients regarding our solutions, like drawings, reports, specifications, material lists, sketches or other required documentation. We ensure the client´s satisfaction prior of finishing our work!


Structural analysis

We do static and dynamic structural calculations for load bearing constructions, crane foundations, engine foundation, etc, either for Class approval or for ensuring the quality of the design and the long-term reliability of the equipment.

When required, we perform finite element method (FEM) analysis to calculate the global stresses and forces in an existing or in a new structure.

In addition, we provide calculations for the assessment of reinforcements and conversions in marine constructions.

When analyzing the results, we provide solutions and/or recommendations.


Ship operation optimization

Hauschildt Marine A/S has developed tools to improve the vessel´s operation. These tools are based in the ship knowlage and experience gained along the years. Trim optimization and the propeller pitch are examples on what can be improved to save fuel when the ship is sailing.