Ship design

Hauschildt Marine A/S provides consultancy within the various stages of the design process. The company ensures the quality in between the stages and  provides technical support to achieve the desired product.

  • Concept Design
  • Contract Design
  • Class/Basic Design
  • Detailed Design

Over the years, the company carried out the design of various ship types within different construction materials, such as steel, aluminium and composites.



Hauschildt Marine A/S performs stability calculations and delivers documentation for all kind of ships, barges and floating offshore installations:

  • Intact stability
  • Deterministic damage stability
  • Probabilistic damage stability


Machinery and ship systems

Our services relative to machinery and ship systems include:

  • Machinery and equipment arrangements, including 3D modelling
  • Foundation drawings
  • Design of all ship systems


Power prediction and Hull form Optimization

During the different stages of the ship design, the use of CFD tools allows to determine the resistance of the ship, in still water or any sea state, for bare hull or a complete hull with appendages.

The optimization process of the hull form considers the ship resistance in the different ship operational conditions.