Our team

Hauschildt Marine A/S is driven by a high motivation on ensuring the satisfaction of our clients, facing all obstacles with an experienced team, willing to learn, improve and face new challenges everyday. We are a dynamic, innovative and international team, working together to make the company stand by its success. We are used to work under pressure and we have the necessary flexibility to come up with excellent results.

Our team has dedicated itself on adapting to the needs of the clients and we provide design solutions for new buildings, vessel conversions, retrofit installations with our 3D-scan technology, stability, structural design and vessel performance.

We also perform onboard inspections such as noise and vibration measurements, thickness measurements, light measurements, inclining experiences and lightweight surveys and installation inspections.



Hauschildt Marine A/S was founded in 1995 in Frederikshavn, providing naval architecture consulting to ship yards and ship owners. In 2005 the team moved to Skagen. The company has always focused on developing and evolving, by gaining experience and expanding its team and in 2012 the Copenhagen office was inaugurated.

Throughout the years Hauschildt Marine A/S has been consulting with success and efficiency, focusing on the quality of the work.