Inspections & Surveys

Hauschildt Marine A/S is certificated to perform the following inspections:

  • Thickness, noise, vibrations and illumination measurements
  • Inspection on the outside ships bottom
  • Measuring of ships
  • General installation inspections
  • Stability & light weigth calculations
  • Inclining experiment
  • Light weight survey
  • Attention!!!!! MRV compliance deadline!!!

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Thickness measurements

We have performed a vast number of ultrasonic thickness measurements in all kind of ships. The company has level 1 and level 2 certificated employees.


Noise & Vibrations

Hauschildt Marine performs noise measurements since 1996 and has gained a large amount of experience over the years. Our experience ranges from small fishing vessels to large vessels and passenger ferries.

The company performs measurements of the vibrations, caused by the propeller blades, machinery and sea, analyzing the results and providing solutions to avoid undesired results.

Illuminance inspections to evaluate the intensity of light in accommodation, working areas and emergency lighting


Inspection on the outside of the ships bottom

Inspection of the underwater part of the ship to ensure a satisfactory condition for the intended purpose of the ship.


Measuring of ships

Hauschildt Marine A/S performs Tonnage calculations for all kind of ships and is authorized to write Tonnage certificates for class approval.


Stability & light weight calculations

Hauschildt Marine A/S is certified and has more than 20 years of experience to perform inclining experiments and light weight surveys in all kind of ships. We supply all required documentation for the Classification Society and authorities' approval.


MRV monitoring plans

From 1st of January 2018 certain ships shall comply with the EU MRV regulations for monitoring of CO2 emissions, and the monitoring plans shall be submitted for verification at the latest 31st of August 2017.

Hauschildt Marine A/S is setting up monitoring plans for the ship owners and on-going preparing the reports with data received from the vessels, for the annual submittal.