Modifications on an existing vessel may be needed, depending on the market requirements or on the international/ local rules. Hauschildt Marine A/S has more than 20 years of experience with vessel conversions and retrofits.



Vessel conversions are becoming a normal solution when the ship owner needs cargo/volume capacity increase. Conversions like ship lengthening or sponsons installations can be a more economic, fast and simple solution than a new building. Hauschildt Marine A/S provides the consultancy to evaluate and optimize the necessary increase of volume and develops the required documentation for the Class approval and for the shipyard.



Over the years, environmental questions have been one of the major focus of the international maritime organization (IMO) conventions. Systems to reduce the gas emissions from burn of fossil fuels and the contamination of waters from non-native microorganisms will soon be mandatory for existing fleets.

Hauschildt Marine A/S has a large experience with these issues and on the right way to solve them. We are/have working/worked with top class ship-owners, to provide consultancy for the installation of scrubbers and ballast water treatment systems (BWTS).

  • Scrubber installations: To reduce the amount of SO2 from the exhaust gases, this solution shows as very reliable, resulting in small changes on the existing ship structure and arrangement.
  • Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS): We are familiar with the present BWTS technologies and we have worked with different treatment systems from different market leading manufacturers.

Our services include feasibility studies, project management, equipment / system selection, pre-project survey, 3D scanning & modelling, engineering (Stability, strength calculations etc.), class approval, shipyard selection and survey during and after installation phase to ensure that all the work is carried according to the owner´s and our expectations.